About Sedibuz

Public Sector Training Services

Public Sector Training

Sedibuz excels at training public sector organisations in finding a foothold and maximising their potential. A thorough understanding of the public sector framework helps us design our training solutions to impart the right skills across the company. We tailor our programs to enable the companies tackle the strategic and operational challenges faced by them and help them achieve their goals. Our approach:

  • Understanding the organisation’s objectives and specific needs for training.
  • Develop content and design the training modules to align with the needs of the company.
  • Deliver the training and supplement it with relevant case studies and real life examples.
  • Improve the efficacy of training through regular feedback.

Essential Training
and Certifications

The public sector differs significantly from the private sector in terms of structure and operations. We, at Sedibuz, provide organisations with the necessary training and certifications to maximise the impact of their work. Our rich and diverse experience of working with numerous public sector companies keeps us apprised of the most important certifications and skills required to be proficient in this day and age. We also partner with organisations to undertake all such trainings and certifications that are aimed at evolving their skill set.

Public Sector

We work actively to raise awareness about the ongoing government projects, and disseminate information about the current and upcoming opportunities in the public sector. The most rewarding part of being associated with a public sector firm is the chance of creating a social impact through your work, and having worked with multiple government agencies over the years, we are adept in making the public aware about the availability and accessibility of government services.

Post Award Project
Management Advisory

Sedibuz provides advisory solutions to companies dealing with post-award project management. It comprises step-by-step guidance to organisations during different stages of a project's life cycle. We assume responsibility of post-award administration to the departmental staff in the organisation and make sure the compliance and sponsor terms are met. We also monitor the expenditure activities to make sure they are in accordance with the government rules and regulations, while maintaining a time, effort and finance report throughout the process.


Sessions by Product Specialists

A history of working across all industrial domains enables us to conduct sessions that cater to the needs and challenges faced by the organisation. Sedibuz demonstrates a competent track record of doing business with the government for many years, and our team of consultants and technical professionals are well qualified to organise these sessions, wherein they understand the problem faced by the organisation, address it from a product and technology standpoint, and give them the simplest and the most efficient solution.

Sales Enablement Sessions

Sales is the end goal of any organisation, and that makes sales enablement sessions a necessity in the public sector enterprises also. While we are helping organisations harness the power of technology through our liaison with technology companies, we actively conduct sales enablement sessions in these organisations as well.