About Sedibuz

Digital Marketing And Marketing

Online and Offline Marketing Made Simple

The number of people using the Internet every single day is increasing by leaps and bounds. Which means more and more of your consumers are online right now. And you shouldn't lose any opportunity to reach out to them.

This is where our digital marketing expertise comes in. Our advice will help you direct consumers to your website and to other sites with information about your products and services. In a nutshell, we'll employ all of the above tactics and more to make sure that search engines, social media, email, websites, and any other online channel can be optimised to delight your current and prospective customers.

Here's a sample of what we offer:

  • Search engine marketing

    With proper keyword research backed by innovative ideas, we aim to get you on the top results of search engines.

  • Social media marketing

    You need to be on social media and generate a buzz, and this is what we create. Thereby enhancing your brand presence.

  • Digital press releases

    The role of PR cannot be underestimated. And our digital PR strategies will build relationships with influential content writers and online journalists.

  • Mobile marketing

    You see it everywhere, indoors and outdoors: consumers busy on their phones. Which is why you need specific and specialised ways of reaching out to them on smaller screens.

  • Content marketing

    Selling isn't the only thing that matters. To retain consumers you need to provide valuable and engaging content. We'll help you with innovative ways of doing just this.

  • Email marketing

    Let your consumers' inboxes be full of insightful and actionable messages, for immediate impact.

  • E-commerce marketing

    You already know that many consumers are comfortable shopping online. We have content-driven, personalised, integrated marketing strategies to enable them to bypass the rest and come to your site.

  • Online reputation management

    What kind of impression do people form about you when they look you up online? We can help you with this to enhance your brand image.

Need For Integrating
Offline Marketing

Digital marketing is critical for your brand. But the same consumers also exist offline. That is why we make sure we have ways to reach out to them there too.

We help with sales distribution solutions, too.
Whether digital or traditional, your business needs such strategies to survive and thrive. Reach out to us and we'll be happy to design the game plan for for success.