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Advisory To Product Companies

Advisory To Product

Sedibuz will help you to manage this move with hands-on support to secure government projects. Think of us as experienced guides who have an understanding of India’s regulations and compliance needs for such projects and tenders. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Tenders and Government Meetings.To begin with, we can highlight opportunities and ascertain which government tenders suit your needs the best.

  • Tender evaluations apart, we'll also help with Bid Preparation, Bid Response, and Bid Defence.
  • Meetings can then be set up with the relevant authorities. Before the meetings themselves, we can help in preparations to make them go well so that you have an advantage even before you start.
  • Banking, taxation, and investment approvals are all part of our expertise, too. You'll be in safe hands all the way.

Process, Research ,
and Promotion

At Sedibuz, we're ready to assist with other critical pre-launch aspects. More importantly, we also guide you in understanding unique Indian sensitivities and needs.such as:

  • Financial and process consulting for better optimisation of new business verticals, for instance.
  • There's also the all-important product safety and efficacy evaluations.
  • Subsequently, identification of the right target audience for your products, and measuring need gaps.
  • We'll help you to survey the competition, and help you get the edge over them.
  • Then, there's market research to spot potential insights that can be turned into opportunities.
  • The optimal ways to promote your products, with the right market penetration strategies.
  • Demand generation and go-to-market strategies.
  • And help in pricing and packaging for these markets.

Ongoing Information &

Relationship building is key to success. We'll help in reaching out to and staying in touch with relevant public sector companies. Apart from connecting with the relevant authorities, we also assist in finding and exploring synergies when it comes to other partners. These could be the right vendors, as well as establishing offices in regions that serve your needs.

  • We'll ensure that such contacts are ongoing, as well as productive.
  • We'll also keep tabs on government projects for your company and assist in preparations for large account plans.
  • Public sector procurement needs can be addressed as well, enabling you to plan well in advance.

The Sedibuz Advantage Can Be Yours

We've helped business around the globe to successfully launch here belonging to industries ranging from textile, apparel, and footwear to automobiles and auto parts to printing and publishing and much more.
All of this and above are a testament to our matchless knowledge, experience, and expertise in the sphere that can be your trump card.